Rise of the Black Prince

Albastered Drama

A heroic rescue mission and a catastrophic event

Having witnessed abyssal activity at the wooden maw and dealing with the paralysis of Fearth and Shya due to the opening discovered treasure chests, the Neptunes found themselves in the home of Varill in Ryuku again, recovering their losses and counting their gains. The party had gained valuable insight into the forces that may influence the creation of phase under king’s cloud, but it had also nearly encountered death underwater, and shaken some of the party members. Varill was not happy about the party returning, but he bore their company disgruntledly.

In the week spent recovering at Varill’s, the party occupied (or did not occupy itself) itself accordingly. Shya had taken up carving patterns and images into stone, Stor spent the week irritatingly thinking about the events that had transpired underwater without his pipe, Trink spent time fine tuning his equipment and relaxing after a stressful encounter at the wooden maw. Fearth spent the week recovering alone in a room, in a state of anger not typical of his normal contained character.

Later in the week, after being drawn out of confinement by Trink, Fearth revealed that he felt disturbed and angry by the encounter at the maw due to his past. He disclosed that he has been preoccupied lately trying to discover the origins of a medallion found on a man appeared during the riots in Phandellin who seemed to be involved in the burning down of the premises of Captain Oren. Fearth revealed that a similar symbol to the medallion – a skull within an unsidedown triangle – had been seen by Fearth when he had lost his sister Emily during a game of ‘Inspector’ while playing in the local woods of Samra. The same symbol hung off the man who had pinned him down and knocked him out in the woods before his sister had disappeared in his youth. Fearth felt angry at his inability to discover the origins of the medallion and took the abundant presence of demonic activity underwater as evil prevailing in the world.

Shya also tells the party of a vision he had in a dream which involved the area of the maw the party investigated. Shya told the party that he saw a ship in the area that was operating with a strange woman telling him details about the ship’s purpose.

After Fearth’s tanty and Shya’s vision, the Neptunes caused Varill to assist them make their way to the Albaster fields, at the cheap cost of 3 weeks’ fish. The Party set out to cross the sunken flats once more.

Upon reaching the Alabaster fields, the Party spotted the presence of a Ryukuan who seemed preoccupied and troubled with something. The Party decided to approach the Ryukuan and learned that he was named [ENTER NAME]. He was a merchant, along with his brother [NAME], who they learned had disappeared in the fields looking for [Name of Substance]. Varill had keenly darted away back to Ryuku once the Party arrived at Alabaster fields.

The party set on assisting in finding the brother in the fields. Shya dived into the stranglekelp batch that contained one of the brothers who had gone missing while trying to find the substance. Diving to the bottom of the kelp, Shya finds a large inflamed bulb in the shape of a humanoid creature. Shya freezes the kelp using his sorcerous talents, and frees the body of the brother from the blub. Fearth, weary of the brother’s unconscious state, immediately attended to healing the brother. As a reward for their work, the brothers gave clear directions cross the Black Scar and find avoid the Merro. The brothers would have helped more, but could not attend the journey given the state of health of the freed brother.

Never shy of utilising intimidation to gain an advantage, Shya insisted on a large cut of the substance that the brothers were harvesting due to its worth. He insisted that the brothers leave a handsome cut or he would ‘find them’ – all behind the party’s back.

The Neptunes continued to the Black Scar. Upon arriving at Black Finger Point, they agreed to rest there for the night with interval watching duty.

While on watching duty, Shya notices a glowing object in the deep large darkness of the Black Scar. This reveals a corpse and a glowing bag sitting on a nearby ridge of the scar, near the glowing object which appears to be a large fish predator.

Shya wakes Stor up to help him investigate the object. Stor – baffled by the object – requests the aid of his companion Sebastion to try and grab the glowing object, assuming the task was not dangerous. Sebastion, with his blind and fearless nature, immediately tried to grab the bag at high risk of being eaten by the fish beast.

Tragedy occurs when Sebastion gets gobbled up by the fish. Stor, concerned for his companion’s life, wakes up the party to scope out the situation.

There, four heroes look into a dark abyss pondering whether they would ever see Stor beloved companion, who they had all become close to since meeting him in Phandellin, and trying to solve a dangerous problem.



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